Become Business partner of an

"Energy Utility Company" in Turkey

and get 10%  profit share per year!


   10% Profit share p.a. on your USD investment !

   10Years    Government purchase contract !

  80% Of Business assets are insured !

100% Halal! Because you will be a legal owner !

100% Satisfaction. If not get your money back !

5.000$ Minimum Budget for Investment !


„I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power! I hope we don’t have to wait until oil and coal run out before we tackle that.“

Thomas Edison, 1847 – 1931

Invest in a profitable participation in Turkey with HIGH payoffs!

Until 2040 the worldwide energy consumption will rise remarkable- about 28 percent more than 2015- this is predicted by the US  Electronic Industries Alliance EIA- And it also means an increase of the prices again.

Analysts assume that by the middle of the century, renewable energies could cover half of the energie requirement.

According to the last reliable information, the worldwide energy consumption  is 16.3 Twh a year. The sun ernergy of the sun during one year will be around 1.500.000.000TWH – with this “tremendous” energy potential of the sun there is hardly any question wether the solar energy can supply enough electricity.

Contrary to fossil nuclear energy which is becoming increasly scarce, the sun can undoubtly do so without polluting the environment and for an infinte amount of time.

Solar systems are one oft the safest and most stable value systems.

However, many do not know that you do not have to built, to become an owner of photovoltaic systems.

Some solar systems in Turkey, which already receive stateguaranteed feed-in tariffs, are resold. Running voltaic systems for private ivestors , who do not want to built themselves, are an interesting investment opportunity.

We show you how you can invest in eco- friendly energy and become owner of one of our systems.


 Very high Profit shares achievable 

At - Tolerance GES Investplan - , the recoverable yields for an investment in a working photovoltaic system are around 10 percent of the total investment per year.

The government purchase contract for the produced electricity for solar systems provides stable and reliable income over a term of 10 years.

Annual energy consumption per capita

 10 years Government purchase contract 

In line with  EEG , the production  of solar power is subsidized by a fee of 10 years for the supply of electricity to the public electricity grid. It is differentiated by the time of commissioning, the size of the system and the type. This rate of remuneration then remains constant for 10 years.

Since the feed -in tariffs tends to decrease, erlieer active systems are more profitable in this aspect.

If you are thinking about a PV system ,you should  not waist time.

 Goods Insurence for all cases 

Those, who own a photovoltaic system should also have them insured or protect yourself against  financial cost by damaging or destroying the system.

Natural events such as flood, storm, hail, ice or snow, intention of other persons, sabotage, vandalism, etc. The ready to use solar system is insured with all the components required to operatate a stationary system.

At - Tolerance GES Investplan- Photovoltaic systems in Turkey are 80% insured with their asset value.

 Interest or profit sharing? 

More and more investors of the golf states are investing in solar projects.

But the islamic finance considers the completely diffent way of thinking in the islamic financial concerns.

Western capitalism is primarily based on profit of individuals,which can steadily increase their capital  through interest rate agreements.

Diffrently the islamic finance: The main principles of the islamic law, the practices and  activities set, prescribe that investors are not allowed to do transactions that are speculative, involve interest payments or contain contractual uncertainties.  In addition, all transactions must be collateralized by assets. -Tolerance GES Investplan- makes you the co-owner of a predetermined and from you accepted photovoltaic system. With this Investplan you earn REAL income from your company. This are no interest like in the classical Bank or Fond business.

 Satisfied or money back 

Unlike traditional funds, where maturity is fixed for 8, 10 or 12 years, at

- Tolerance GES Investplan- you can bail out without any ifs and buts after the first year, withouth horrendous losses or you can sell your shares by your self to another investor.

You only need to send a letter of termination by post to the company`s office in your native language,  3 months before the desired depature. An additional e-mail will speed up the process.

The World Bank approved $ 1 billion to subsidize renewable energy projects

More than 8.1 million people worldwide already work in the area of renewable energies.

6 European countries with the highest energy demand

 Low investment volumes possible 

Professional Investors have been investing their money in Solarsystems  for a long time.

However, private investors with investing capital of around 30.000 euros, have been faced so far with the challange of finding a suitable photovoltaic system. Thanks to the -Tolerance GES Investplan- these times belong to the past. For example , investors with a relatively low investment capital of 5.000 USD can purchase photovoltaic systems shares.The amount of the shares in running solar systems , depends on  the liquidity of the investors. Generally, at -Tolerance GES Investplan-, Solar investments can be done in any size.

Turkey among the top 5 fastest growing photovoltaic markets

These are a few of our ON Grid solarsystems

Usak Ulubey, ROI 7 years
1.247,4 kWp with 4.620 pcs panels
Osmaniye Kadirli, ROI 7 years
5.400 kWp for 8.212.500 kWp/year energy production
Nevsehir, ROI 7 years
4.208,84 KWp for 6.523.702 kWp/year Green energy
Konya Seydisehir, ROI 8 years
1.000kWp for 1.613.612 kWp/year GREEN ENERGY
Manisa Kirkagac, ROI 7 years
4.963,98 KWp with 18.732 pcs panels
Erzurum Yakutiye, ROI 7 years
2.000 kWp, GREEN ENERY for 1.095 Households
Kilis, ROI 7 years
4.500 kWp, GREEN ENERGY for 3.940 Households
Elazıg Kovancilar ROI 7 years
15.830,64 kWp for 24.537.492 kWp/year GREEN ENERGY
Afyonkarahisar ROI 7 years
1.041,4 kWp for 1.613,612 kWp/year GREEN ENERGY
Antalya Dösemealti, ROI 7 years
1.069,2 kWp for 1.663,625 kWp/year GREEN ENERGY
Antalya Gazipasa, ROI 8 years
1000 kWp for 1.598.422 kWp/year GREEN ENERGY
Antalya Manavgat ROI 8 years
1.996,8 kWp, GREEN ENERGY for 1750 Households
Cankırı Kursunlu, ROI 7 years
1.934,4 kWp for 2.998.320 kWp/year GREEN ENERGY
Batman Beşeri ROI 7 years
6.611,22 kWp, GREEN ENERGY for 5.775 Households
Cankiri Sabanözü, ROI 7 Years
1.188 kWp for 1.810.400 kWp/year GREEN ENERGY
Erzincan Refahiye, ROI 7 years
2.138 kWp for 3.313.900 kWp/year GREEN ENERGY
Amasya, ROI 7 years
4.597,56 kWp, GREEN ENERGY for 3950 Households
Antalya Demre, ROI 7 years
1.132,56 KWP for 1.755.468 kWp/year GREEN ENERGY
Afyon Sandıklı, ROI 7 years
2.000 kWp for 3.100.000 kWp/year GREEN ENERGY
Ankara Ayas, ROI 7 years
3.148,2 kWp GREEN ENERGY for 2714 Households

Why is investing in a photovoltaic system so profitable and at the same time meaningful for the future of our children?

  • Solar energy is one of the infinite sources of energy. No additional fuel or costly processing is needed to use this energy.

  • This type of energy production is completely eco- friendly and does not exlpoit any energy resources. Thie energy is captured by photovoltaic solar panels and converted direktly in green eco- friendly energy.

  • Depending on the location of a photovoltaic system, the investment can be made back within 7– 9 years. Unlike other investments this is an extremely fast Return of invest.

  • The running cost and disruption rates for solar systems are very low. This means a higher profit share for everyone.

  • For investors who want to built their own photovoltaic system, we can guarantee a fast costruction time of 1 -9 months, depending on the size of the project.

  •  Solar energy is also easier to calculate than wind or hydro energy. Drought  or calm can last longer periods, which can lead to profit losses. But as long as the sun rises everyday you earn cash money.

  • Turkey is one of the countries in Europe whose solar radiation values are above average.

Why you should plan your financial future with -Tolerance GES Investplan-.

  • -Tolerance GES Invest- presents an investment plan based  on the experince of over the past 15 years in the renewable energy industry. The leader of manufacture of panels between Middle East and Europe.

  • With more than  500 provable solar projects and a large number of references, which underlines the quality and reliability of
    -GES Invest-

  • The solar panels which are used at the  -Tolerance GES Invest- are own products, made in the company`s solar factory in Turkey. This means that - GES Invest- is manufacturer and builder of the photovoltaic projects. So the acquisition and construction costs of the projects are much cheaper than to other suppliers who need to buy the panels. This on the other hand increases your profit.

  • The construction work on the solar power systems is carried out in all stages from the beginning to the end by -GES Invest-. The guarantee of the construction project is 100 percent borne by -GES Invest-.  From the licensing to the administration of the systems are solved internally.

  • -GES Invest- has partnerships and references in well-known European and Asian companies.

  • The solar panels manufactured in the companys own factory comply with all the world`s standards such as ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001;2007, ISO/IEC 27001:2013, ISO 50001:2011, ISO 10002:2014, UL, IEC and  are tested in certain intervals by international testing laboratories such as TSE, TÜV SÜD, TÜV Rheinland, SGS. This means a high quality and a consistent standard of our panels.

Of course you can visit us in our office in Turkey. Therefore please call the number below to make an appointment. 
          Tel: +90 242 606 0150

* This investment is about energy production from nature, weather-related deviations can have a positive and negative impact on productivity. As a result, the stated profit distributions can be different seasonally and year-over year.

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