Import / Export

Turkey and EU have developed a strong economic relationship even if Turkey is not yet a EU member, but it signed a Customs Union agreement with the European Union in order to encourage trade and economic relationships. In the recent years, EU has ranked 1st in the top of Turkey’s imports and exports, while Turkey is the 7th in the EU top imports and 5th for exports. Turkey exported in EU many categories of goods, such as: equipment for transport, textiles, agricultural products, cars etc. and imported chemical products, machinery and transport materials. Tolerance Trading is a very good partner if you want to import goods from Turkey to your country. Beside our own brands like "Tolerance pipes", our own Food brand "Sultan saray" and "Tolerance Marble" we can provide you with a large range of turkish brands in severan branches and every product which is available in the turkish market with the best prices.


In the year 2004 we opened an office in Belek and started our first construction project. Given the high demand of our European customers for real property in Belek, a golf tourism center not only in Turkey but also in Europe, we tackled our first construction project – since this time we constructed several projects sucsessfully.

Our experience in the Foreign customer market made us to experts for their whishes. This was the beginning of our consulting service for Constructers who wanted to build for the foreign market. Year by year our consulting service become popular and the marked leader constructions asked for our services. Her are some of our consulted projects.


We work with you to anticipate the future, champion innovation, and unlock new potential in energy and utilities markets.

Whether you are a utility business or an energy company, a policy-maker or a regulator, a power producer or an investor, we use our deep industry knowledge to help you achieve exceptional results.

We bring together teams with the global insight and local expertise to address your challenges and help you achieve your goals.


The law on Direct Foreign Investment,guarantees foreigners who would like to perate in the turkish industy, equality with local businessmen.

Both, in the obligations as well as in the right are thus all commercial traders equal befor the law.

The terms and conditions for the buiness application and the share transfers are also equated with the local traders.


Therefore, you are also entitled to establish all types of business which are possible under the turkish comercial law.


Already in 2012 Turkey achieved a record numer of tourists with more than 35 million and became the fourth most visited country in Europe and the sixth most visited land in the world.

The increase of the diversity of tourism increases the income of the entire tourism industry to over 25 milliard USD annually.

In addition to the well - known tourists like Russian, German, English and Japanese are more and more Israeli, Arabian , Iranian, Amerikan, French and Skandinavian holiday maker. This of course allows new business fields and business opportunities to be discovered. This is often only possible with a local and experienced consultancy.


Home to the headwaters of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, Turkey’s agricultural sector today is echoing the prosperity of ancient Mesopotamia. With its favorable geographical conditions and climate, large arable lands, and abundant water supplies, Turkey is considered to be one of the leading countries in the world in the field of agriculture and food.

Turkey has a robust agriculture and food industry that employs over a quarter of the country’s working population and that accounts for 7.1 percent of the country’s GDP.

The sector’s financial contribution to the overall GDP increased 43 percent from 2002 to 2014, reaching USD 57.2 billion in 2014. There are many fields in the food business which investors can be very successfull as well in Export or Production.

Residence Permit & Turkish Citizenship

According to the turkish law, foreigners who own property in Turkey are entiteld to right of residence . Foreigners who do not own property but rent property, are also able to entitle the right of residence.

There are some requirements which must be observed for a permanent stay.

You will learn which repuirements are neccesary in a detailed conversation in one of our local offices.


Since January 12th 2017 it is possible to get turkish citizenship under specific requirements. For more information click here



Investor who would like to minimize the risk to a newstart, they have also the option to get into already existing business models.

There is a wide ranging option of many different possibilities and branches.

You can take over as a silent participant, as an aktive participant or as a financier, a participation on an existing company.

Our company offers some investment models with business plan and analysis.

In this case our competent team, our bookkeeper and our legal department will explain all the advantages and disadvantages of the respective investment models.

15 years of experience will be available for you at Tolerance Consulting Services. We are only one call away.

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